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AEDIFICES ET PLANTES To Build and to Plant

This is taken from the book of the Prophet Jeremiah in the Old Testament of the Bible. It refers to the appointing of the Prophet to do the Lord's work. It is the duty and mission of the School to 'build' and to 'plant*. To build a future through its education of children and to plant for that future through the inculcation of the right values and a strict morality In them.

The Coat of Arms / Shield / Logo of the School

BLAZON - Celestial azure, In honour point, a celestial crown or, on a cross argent between a cross fleury or; an open book proper, a flaming sword proper and lit lamp or. For the crest, a bishop's mitre or, all above a scroll bearing the motto. 'AED1FICES ET PLANTES’ below which the inscription DURGAPUR-MCMLXVI. Above all a scroll in an are bearing the name of the school - ST MICHALES School .(A BLAZON is a description of a coat of armsi itn the language of Heraldry . It permits anyone who understands the language to reproduce the element the coat of arms accurately.

Meaning : A light blue shield divided by a silver(white) cross with a golden, hevenly crowned on its center between a cross with fleur de lys limbs ( signifying the Anglican Christen tradition of the church and school) , an open book (signifying the Bible) a flaming sword point down, (signifying St Micheal and peace) and a lit of lamp (signifying knowledge and faith .Above the shield, a golden mitre (a Bishop's headgear signifying a cathedral school ). Below the shield, a scroll with the motto ‘AEDIFICES ET PLANTES’ (TO BUILD & TO plant).

About St. Michael : THE GUIDING SPIRIT

St. Michael, one of the archangels, described in the Bible as the captain of the heavenly hosts, was invoked by early Christian armies against the heathen. In Christian tradition he is thought to escort the soul into the presence of God at the time of death. In art he Is depicted as a warrior, sword in hand, in triumph over a dragon. His feast day, known in England as Michaelmas, is September 29.


St. Michael's School was established in 1966 by the Calcutta Diocese of the Church of North India, under the direction of the Most Revd*. HK de Mel, the then Metropolitan Bishop of Calcutta. The school was administered by a Board of Governors and had been under the Diocese of Calcutta, Church of North India. The Rt. Revd. Dr. D. C. Gorai, the Bishop of Calcutta, Church of North India, had been the Ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Governors of the school up to may 1994. The management of the school has been transferred to the Bishop of the Diocese of Durgapur, C. N. I. and he is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Governors of the School w.e.f. June 1994. It is an English Medium school for boys and girls.


  • To provide sound academic education
  • To prepare the students morally and intellectually for life
  • To encourage initiative, combined with integrity and a sense of service
  • To guide them to be self-reliant, disciplined and courteous
  • To bring forth all that is best and noblest in a child.

The Four Houses

1. DAVID : "THE REMARKABLE" St. David's House ( Yellow ) Usefulness in service.

2. PATRICK : THE NOBLE ONE" St. Patrick's House ( Green ) By the shield of God's Love.

3. ANDREW : "THE WARRIOR" St. Andrew's House ( Blue ) Always courageous.

4. GEORGE : "THE TILLER'' St. George's House ( Red ) Knowledge through hard work.

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